Turned Edge Menu Covers

Document Holders

Turned Edge Menu Covers

Turned Edge Menu Covers provide an elegant option
to display any bill of fare. Choose between litho
wrapped paper with lamination, Skivertex or Arrestox
cloth material. Add padding to the front cover and/or
back cover for a premium look. The litho wrap can be
offset printed or foil stamped and the cloth material
can be silk-screened or foil stamped.

• Moire Liner
• Four Ribbon Corners Included

turned edge Menu Covers
TEMENU Cloth Holder (Skivertex or Arrestox)            
TE301LW Litho Wrap Holder            
AF1 1-Position Foil Stamp* (ADD)            
AF2 2-Position Foil Stamp* (ADD)            
AS1 1-Color Silk-screen (ADD)                  
AS2 2-Color Silk-screen (ADD)            
AS3 3-Color Silk-screen (ADD)            
A003 Front Cover Foam Padding (ADD)             
A004 Front & Back Cover Foam Padding (ADD)                                                      

*See Inside Back Cover for die charges.