Composition Report Covers

Report Covers

Composition Report Covers

[15 pt. Regency & Lexide]
Our quality covers will make a distinct impression
for any of your projects. Composition Report
Covers offer attractiveness and durability. Covers
are available 11" x 8 1/2" or 11" x 9" to protect your
index tabs. Please specify round or square corners.

Available Colors:
Black, Navy, Maroon,
and Dark Green

COMPOSITION Report covers
PA17 11" x 8 1⁄2"Sheet Size            
PA18 11" x 9" Sheet Size            
AF1SC 1-Position Foil Stamp* (ADD)            
AF2SC 2-Position Foil Stamp* (ADD)            
AS1 1-Color Silk-screen (ADD)            
AS2 2-Color Silk-screen (ADD)            
AS3 3-Color Silk-screen (ADD)            
P30C 30 Pt. Composition (ADD)            

*See Inside Back Cover for die charges.