Regency Certificate Holders

Certificate Holders

Regency Certificate Holders

Constructed from high-end 15 Pt. Regency cover. Ribbon
corners secure the certificate and finish off the look. Foil
stamp or silk-screen the cover to add personal flair.

Standard Regency Colors:
• Black
• Dark Green
• Maroon
• Navy
Standard Ribbon Colors:
• Red
• White
• Black

REGENCY Certificate Holders
PA1141 Regency Holder - No Decoration          
APF1 1-Position Foil Stamp * (ADD)          
APF2 2-Position Foil Stamp * (ADD)          
P30C 30 Pt. Regency (ADD)          

*See Inside Back Cover for die charges. **See page 78-79 for paper colors. ***Add $175.00 for matchprint proof.