Magazine Covers

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Magazine Covers

Create Magazine Covers for offices and reception areas. Imprint your
company logo or a “Compliments of...” message on the clear vinyl
front. The spine can be printed with the magazine or company name
as well. The front is made out of a clear vinyl so the enclosed magazine
cover can be seen.

• Clear front cover, opaque vinyl back cover and spine
• 1⁄2" rod or ring
• 1" ring

Vinyl Magazine Covers
V 600A 1/2" Spring Rod—No Decoration              
V 601A 1/2" Ring—No Decoration              
V 603A 1" Ring—No Decoration              
AF1 1-Position Foil Stamp* (ADD)              
AF2 2-Position Foil Stamp* (ADD)              
AS1 1-Color Silk-screen (ADD)              
AS2 2-Color Silk-screen (ADD)              
AS3 3-Color Silk-screen (ADD)              

*See Inside Back Cover for die charges.