Paper Report Covers

Report Covers

Paper Report Covers

Paper Report Covers can be printed, foil stamped or
embossed. Choose from two-piece unpunched, twopiece
hidden hinge or one piece slide clamp covers.

Paper Stock:
• 12 Pt. White C1S High Gloss
• 12 Pt. C1S
• Linen - White
• Felt - White
• Smooth - White

• Plastic Comb
• Wire
• Spiral
• Velo


PA 12 Report Cover (paper front & back cover)            
PA 07 7 Pt. Clear (PVC front & paper back cover)            
ABE1 1-Position Embossed* (ADD)            
APF1 1-Position Foil Stamp* (ADD)            
APF2 2-Position Foil Stamp* (ADD)            
AC1 1-Color Printing (ADD)            
AC2 2-Color Printing (ADD)            
AC4 4-Color Printing*** (ADD)            
A073 80# Colored Stock (ADD)            
A100S 100# Smooth - White (ADD)            
A100SC 100# Smooth - Colored (ADD)            
A100L 100# Linen - White (ADD)            
A100LC 100# Linen - Colored (ADD)            
A046 Slide clamps - Black or White (ADD)            
A047 1-Prong fastener 3" capacity (ADD)            
A048 Screw posts 1" capacity ( ADD)            
A049 Punching (ADD)            

*See Inside Back Cover for die charges. **See page 79 for paper colors. ***Add $175.00 for matchprint proof. Call for pricing of binding and punching equipment. Call for special pricing on wire, comb, coil or tape binding.